“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” – Federico Fellini


I am a Chef turned mom. I know how time consuming it can be to plan and cook meals while you’re smack dab in the middle of this little thing called life. I also know that cooking real food can be easy and fun if you learn small bits and pieces at a time (pro tip #1: this is how all chefs learn).

This is what The Clarified Kitchen is all about. Chef level recipes and pro tips to bring you…

more cooking ease
more confidence and
more joy.

Food philosophy:

Real food, lots of veggies & don’t forget the pie.

I like to approach food as fuel, medicine and fun. Overall I am a believer in quality and balance. If you’re gluten free and find a recipe with flour, use a gluten free flour replacement (Bob’s Red Mill makes a great one to one replacement). Vegetarian? Skip the meat and add extra avocado. Trust your body and palate and role as chef of your home kitchen!

How it works:

Once a week, I will bring you a component-style recipe. A really good recipe. These recipes will never be too complicated to whip up at home. In fact, many of them will be super simple and you might find yourself thinking, “I can do that with five minutes and three ingredients!?!?”.

This will be a slow and steady stream of change your cooking life they are so delicious chef level recipes and techniques that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Let’s say I post a recipe for a brown butter vinaigrette. Make the brown butter vinaigrette and the first time serve it with a salad or vegetable you would normally make. Do you love it? Does it make your house smell like some dreamy bakery in a distant land? When you find something you love, explore how it naturally fits into your cooking life and make it repeatedly.

I want you to feel excited, proud and inspired by what you cook at home.

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About me

My first and most vivid memories are food related. When I was eight, I had my first sip of beer from under the kitchen table at my grandparents house in the bronx, amidst the lovely commotion of chinese take out and billowing conversation. Maybe it was the mouth watering smells of bbq spare ribs or everyone distracted by passing around containers of orange chicken and fried rice, but lucky for me, no one seemed to notice. I remember with perfect clarity my grandfather handing me the juice glass with a sparkle in his eye, the fizz on my lips, and the vinyl tablecloth hitting my face. While I am not advocating for eight year old’s to kick back with a brew after a rough day on the playground, this is a small but mighty memory about the magic of food and the bonds that are forged when all of our senses are engaged and alive. This is a memory that will stay with me forever.

ClarifiedKitchen_Marianne_Bio_Photo_circle_BW_300x300quick bio

After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in New York in 2003 (since renamed the International Culinary Center), I cooked professionally for over ten years, learning from some of the country’s best chefs. I had the privilege of working for Missy Robbins where for the first time in my career, I saw a woman run a kitchen. And perhaps my greatest culinary influence has been Graham Elliot Bowles, who taught me about the delicate balance of weaving together technique, beauty, flavor and fun

I then took a detour into the world of tea (I’m tea obsessed!) before landing an exec. chef role at a Chicago wine bar. During that time, I got a super sweet <3 shout out as one of the 12 most Important Chefs Right Now (Time Out Chicago, 2009).  In 2015 I competed on Guys Grocery Games, just to make sure I wasn’t getting rusty. Mostly I am shown running around searching for food items that start with the letter “R”, but I did manage to make some of my favorite dishes too. I also love to see awesome ideas come to life so I try to squeeze in some restaurant and menu consulting on the side.

While for many good reasons I consider Ohio and Minnesota to be home, I can now add New Mexico to the list as I live there with my husband Hans and our two sweet boys River & Fox.



marianne (at) theclarifiedkitchen.com