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Tropical Storms and New Beginnings

Once in a while a tropical storm blows into your life and gives you the opportunity to take a more personal inventory. – Magnum P.I.

If you are here, you have stumbled upon the beginnings of a new journey and I could not be happier about you (being here) and the new construction (this blog). After a decade of cooking, I took a much needed break to have a baby and explore new projects. The past few years have been jam packed with more extreme experiences than I could imagine-the most amazing, the most joyous, the most confusing, the hardest, the most beautiful, the most fun, the most challenging, the list goes on.

Yet in all of this excitement, I found myself feeling lost and honestly a bit sad. I mean, I used to be a chef, who am I now? I am a mom. This is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced, but there’s more for me to be, more for me to do. I am sure of it. But what?

If I were to take Magnum P.I.’s musing to heart (and I most certainly have), I am certain a tropical storm has been bellowing, and I have been in the heart-wrenching and fortunate position to take a close look at my life. What I came up with was so simple, so natural, so obvious…and yet I had never thought of it before.

A blog about cooking in it’s simplest form. About the magical properties of sharing what we cook. About the beauty of cooking in our home kitchens.

Welcome to The Clarified Kitchen!