How to Make a Shopping List

why does this matter?
because life is busy.
for me? I have a two year old.
the end.

In all honesty, I have always enjoyed organizing my list before going to the store. But now that River is two and often with me at the grocery store, it’s not only helpful to have a list I can quickly get through, I consider it a public service.

The days of him sitting in the grocery cart, and content to just take things out of nearby carts are over. Now he wants to be pushing the little carts and the big carts, grabbing cookies and any low stocked fruit. He is full on taking care of business, raccoon like, ransacking business. It is not fun to chase a kid with a runaway cart, holding your breath in fear of the little wheels slamming into an unsuspecting person’s legs while they’re browsing in the tea & coffee isle. Where did my little angel go? Oh, that’s right, to aisle four to find the cheerios.

Dividing the grocery list into categories can save a lot of time. I like using a small notebook that can easily fit in my bag.

I also find this a fun way to gauge the overall health of my food for the week.  If produce is the longest section of my list….yes!!! Then I feel pretty great about heading over to the ice cream aisle to see if Haagen Dazs is on sale.


writing utensil


  1. Divide your notebook into columns.
  2. Title each column with a shopping section. The most efficient way I have found is to organize the columns in order of your shopping path.
  3. For me, I walk around the perimeter of the store first and then hit up the center aisles right before checkout.
  4. Depending on the week, my budget and my list, my columns usually look like this: farmers market, produce, dairy, bulk, dry, meat, misc.  
  5. That’s it! I know this is a little, easy thing.  But sometimes little things make a big difference.

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